Event - Voting Extravaganza 3.0

Attention, beloved Mystralia adventurers, Prepare for an electrifying twist as our spectacular Voting Extra Vaganza Event surges forward into its next captivating round! Brace yourselves, for in this thrilling chapter of our journey, not one, not two, but seven triumphant victors will rise to claim wondrous rewards that will set your hearts aflutter. A veil of mystique shrouds our prizes this time, for we've chosen to unveil them individually throughout the month. Yet fear not, brave souls, for we shall grant you a tantalizing glimpse into the treasures that await: Behold, gift cards adorned with DP await your eager grasp alongside enigmatic mystery boxes brimming with extraordinary wonders!

Behold, the top seven voters stand a chance to snag these enchanting rewards:
🥇 1st place = Mystery Gifts
🥈 2nd place = Mystery Gifts
🥉 3rd place = Mystery Gifts
🏅 4th place = Mystery Gifts
🏅 5th place = Mystery Gifts
🏅 6th place = Mystery Gifts
🏅 7th place = Mystery Gifts

How does it work: Cast your votes between 1. March 2024 00:00 and 25. April 2024 23:59, and watch the magic unfold as we announce the victors on 26.04.2024. Just a quick note, though—We appreciate your understanding that votes from Team Mystralia are not eligible for participation. 
On top of that, it is allowed to vote as often as you want or can.

How to vote:

  1. Log into your website account and click on the "Vote" tab at the top of the page. (https://mystralia.de/vote)
  2. Choose your character and click on "Update".
  3. Click on "gtop" and "Arena"; both will open a new tab where you must click the vote buttons.
  4. Solve the little Captcha puzzles from both websites and wait for the information that your vote has been successful; on gtop, it says, "Thank you for voting" and on Arena, "You have successfully voted for Mystralia"
  5. Return to the Mystralia voting site; if your votes have been successful, a message with "Your vote has been taken into account [...]" should appear. Your voting attempt was successful and will count if that is the case.


With kind regards Team Mystralia


Posted on March 12, 2024 by Aegon