Mystralia Easter Magic

  • Easter Calender duration got extended due to a bug fix


  • Rarity Items will give more dust (not Raritiy Dust) now
  • Added new Mentalist Skill for level 155
  • Deactivated PvP Season Pass
  • Changed name of the Yellow Crystal (rare drop) to Rare Yellow Crystal
  • Added option to hide all players / party & guild / none
  • Added option to print achievement progress for: all / favorites only / none
  • Added option to hide vendors
  • Adjusted Ftool smallest interval 0.5 -> 0.1


  • Added Holy Oracly [DMG] to recycle options
  • Added Healing Amp piercing cards
  • Added jewelry to rarity recycling
  • Added Vendor 14 Days to the Ingame Shop
  • Added Scroll of Unlimited Party Points to the Event Shop
  • Added Scroll of Amplification Rhisis (up to level 155) to Rhisis Trail
  • Added Mystical Almighty Asren Set to the crafting options
  • Added missing Holy Gear to Holy Dust recycling
  • added missing Bloody Defender Parts to recycling


  • Adjusted DEF of WBs, Monster Clash, Pandora, The Forest
  • Reduced the Guildie reward for Paradise Island Giant quests
  • Increased ATK rate for Pandora and The Forest
  • Removed Christmas Cake restriction for Buff Groups
  • Changed Bloodlust Blunt Sword and Shield to only tank stats
  • Increased healing rate for Pills
  • Increased the entry limit for Aminus, Ophidian, Dekanes Mine and Dragons Breath by +1
  • Rarity Dust has now a selling price
  • Decreased stun range from the The Forest Boss
  • Increased the Volcano Monster spawns
  • Decreased the price of the Dead Tiger Mount to 1 Event Token
  • Increased the droprate of the Iviliness Dungeon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Volcano Rangda spawn
  • Fixed job requirement for Jester Prisma Bead
  • Fixed a bug for the NyangNyang quest
  • Fixed the Missing Playscript quest
  • Sunbaked Rhino is nor visible in the Wiki
  • Fixed a bug with the card exchanger
  • Fixed a bug with the maximum Guild Member count
  • Fixed the Ultimate Bloody Dragon Knuckle stats


  • Increased the duration of Self-Buffs to 2 hours
  • Increased the duration of some Powerups to 1 hour

Posted on May 20, 2024 by Aegon