Performance Update

  • We have just upgraded our hosted server to ensure you with a better and stable performance, we want to make sure that everyone experiences a smooth experience with Mystralia.
  • This update should make sure that the performance issues are fixed now.

Mystralia Easter Magic

  • The Mystralia Easter Magic Event has come to an end; you can still exchange your items until the next patch
  • The Easter Monsters left the Mystralia Realm


  • You can now recycle unique weapons and sets from level 120 – 155 to rarity dust at the NPC Thogrin
    • This can be used to enhance the rarity level of your gear
    • Different rarity levels give a different amount of rarity dust
    • You can still upgrade your rarity also with the old mechanic
      • Rarity Dust 120 is downwards compatible with 105 gear
  • Removed Channel 3 from premium tickets due to performance issues (will be added back later again)
  • Changed the Ballon location to the Power Up Tab
  • Adjusted the spawns of Traseia and Dark Traseia
  • Removed blocking obstacles from Traseia and Dark Traseia
  • Adjusted Madrigal Spawns
  • Removed unnecessary hitrate effects from Buffs + Seteffects and adjusted them with useful effects (Accuracy, Quickstep, Catreflex)
  • Adjusted the Rhisis Trail Quest level requirement


  • Added Scroll of Amplification (ES) to Silver Key loot
  • Added a fighting type Holy Stick to the drop pool
  • Added missing crafting items to the Materials Box
  • Added Scroll of Holy to the Achievement Shop
  • Added Buffpang to the Sandbox
  • Added ingredients for crafting Pills to Thogrins Shop


  • Decreased the level req. for the Mystralia Glyph to level 140
  • Decreased the kill req. for the Crystal Clear Dungeon
  • Increased the Def. for the level 175 sets
  • Decreased the HP of the Paradise Island mobs
  • Added Healing Amplification to lower sets
  • Decreased the chance of awakening Critical Skill Damage
  • Removed PvP Hitrate and PvP Parry from weapon/set effects
  • Increased the droprate of Pandora upgrading materials
  • Removed the HP recovery from Paradise Island Giants
  • Increased food drop of the Clockworks Butler
  • Paradise Island Giant Quests are now daily available
  • Increased the ATK of Lightgoddes Lin
  • Increased the ATK scaling of Jester by ~12%
  • Added Soul Leeching Immunity to Clash Monster
  • Jester does selfbuff with monsterhunter skills now
  • Exchanged Elemental DMG of Bloodlust weapons for Weapon DMG
  • The Party Power buff grants now 2% for each Party Member near you

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the model of the Giant Basi
  • Fixed a typing error for the Hague Perm Buff
  • Adjusted the description for the Pet-Glow Change
  • Deactivated unused World Bosses
  • Fixed the level requirement for the Clockworks Dungeon
  • Fixed the pet exp gain while leveling for the new raised pets
  • Fixed a bug with the Perm Aibatt Buff
  • Fixed the Rangda spawn in Darkon 3
  • Fixed a false Collector Upgrade information
  • Fixed the information of the Party Skill Party Power
  • Fixed a bug with Vote Buffs


  • Adjusted the World Boss information
  • Added shortcuts to Coral Island
  • Increased the Buffpang buff duration to 2 hours
  • You have now two Vote Jokers instead of one

Posted on May 2, 2024 by Aegon