Exploring Pangeaia Update

  • Behold! Our intrepid explorers have unveiled the secrets of a long-lost realm, christened with endearment as Pangeaia! A land ripe for discovery by the bold souls of Mystralia! Yet, heed this warning, dear adventurers, for only the stoutest of hearts shall prevail in this perilous domain, where monstrous shadows dance in the forgotten corners. But fear not, for within its depths lie treasures and wonders beyond compare, awaiting the touch of those daring enough to seek them!
  • Our explorers unveiled two new dungeons called The Forest and Pandora
  • They found a new Island with plenty of dangerous monsters with plentiful treasures, they call it Paradise Island!
  • With new dangerous monsters lingering around, they found a new way to break beyond your levels, you are now able to reach level 175!
  • Even the love of brave couples can reach to level 70 now!
  • And all comes together with an enhanced Vote Buff up to max 30 days now.
  • Deep within the secrets of Pangeaia our explorers unveiled a new upgrading technique called “Elite-Upgrade”, this will allow you to enhance many of your weapons even further! (New upgrade scrolls can be found at the shop from Peach)
  • Somewhere deep into those mysterious lands, new strong World Bosses appear! Those will drop new items you will need for enhancing your glyphs!
  • Those glyphs can now be further enhanced at the World Boss NPCs
  • Pangeaia brought new pet species to Mystralia which can be tamed by brave Mystralians!

Mystralia Easter Magic

  • A few monsters already left the realm of Mystralia, they will now spawn less frequently
  • A new special item can be crafted.


  • Reworked the Crystal Clear Dungeon -> it is a normal party dungeon now.


  • Thundergod Meteonyker found his way onto the Mystralia Realm, waiting to be challenged by brave Mystralians


  • Adjusted World Boss drops
  • Lowered the amount of needed Sketch Pieces for crafting
  • Adjusted the scaling of the Knight skill Power Swing
  • Decreased the amount of needed hematite for pet SS upgrades
  • Lowered the amount of hematite through the Rhisis Trail quest from 4 to 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with missing Dekanes NPCs
  • Removed invisible walls from Traseia
  • Fixed the exchange for the Female Easter Set exchange
  • Fixed a bug where shields gave too much Def


  • Added a filter for the Quest Wiki for repeatable quests
  • Added a filter for the Achievement window to hide finished achievements
  • Increased the upgrade speed for premium/VIP users
  • Set effect only show now when holding CTRL


Posted on April 19, 2024 by Aegon