Mystralia Easter Magic

  • The Easter King settled in Flaris and needs your help to bring the Easter Spirit back to Madrigal
  • There are Easter crafting recipes waiting for you
  • A special Easter Calendar can be opened every day with hidden surprises starting on 01.04.2024
  • The Ingame Shop got filled with special Easter Event items
  • There are not one, not two but three big Easter Enemies haunting the peace of Madrigal and it is on you to hunt them down and bring the peace back to Madrigal!
  • Spirit Eggs can be dropped from the following enemies:
    • Harpies (B1)
    • Rabbit Guarder (Traseia)
    • All Rabbit monsters from Dark Traseia

Exploring Pangeaia Status update

  • Status progress at aprox. 67%


  • The World Boss System got reworked and is granting the penya drop to every character now (it will be further developed with upcoming patches)


  • Offline Vendors can now be crafted
  • Added Ingame Map for Dragons Breath


  • Increased Azria Monster spawns
  • Magical Crit Rate and Magical Crit Damage are now awakeable on raised and pickup pets and armor
  • Increased the entry limit for the Fortress Dungeon by +1
  • Increased the spell duration for Psykeeper/Mentalist debuffs
  • Increased Skill Crit Chance Limit to 35% -> 55%
  • Increased the duration of some Power Ups to match with others
  • Adjusted SS Pet crafting recipe, needs more Hematite but you will get a guaranteed one through the Rhisis Trail quests.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Scrolls of faster collecting (3 Days / 7 Days)
  • Fixed World Boss drops not showing in the drop log (left side of screen)
  • Crash report fixes
  • Fixed the Shroom Map not showing the character


  • Anarchy Buffs and Random Anarchy Buff Boxes are now stackable in the inventory


Posted on March 31, 2024 by Aegon