December / Christmas Events

  • Removed Christmas Dream from the Teleporter

Exploring Pangeaia Status update

  • Status progress at aprox. 50%


  • Added missing Bahara Desert monsters


  • Adjusted the Defense-rate for Unique Armor parts
  • Increased the duration for the debuff spells:
    • Demonology
    • Satanology
    • Rockthrow
    • Focus Pokus
  • Lowered Critical Skill Chances for Bloodlust & Yggdrasil sets (Maximum is still possible)
  • Added Stats to Bloodlust 1-H Sword & Bow
  • Adjusted Rhisis Trail Daily Quests (Added new & increased the rewards)
  • Reduced the chance of getting rooted from 10 % to 3%
  • Bloodlust Necklaces grant now 25% HP instead of 10% HP

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Emerald Plain spawn rates (They appear now as they should)


  • Full Party Link Attack bonus starts now with four people on the party


  • Added Guildie Box to the Event shop


Posted on January 26, 2024 by Aegon