December / Christmas Events

  • Bad Santa went back to his own realm to bring his terror there
  • Adjusted the Christmas Exchanger Santa
  • Christmas Dream monsters are not longer affected by low drop-rate
  • Added new Winter/Christmas Fashion to the game



  • Added Guild Furniture to the Guildhouse NPC
  • Added more materials to the Medal Merchant
  • Added the missing Zombiger Permbuff to the Achievement System
  • Added Tulips to the Crafting System at NPC Thogrin
  • Added Guildies to the Achievement Shop and Medal Merchant


  • Adjusted the Arcanist skill Cursed Mind
  • Increased Arcanist skill Final Spear INT scale rate by 11% and added Wind Element to it
  • Adjusted Yggdrasil Phantasma Shield effect
  • Adjusted Yggdrasil/Bloodlust Spellbooks
  • Added new Mentalist 1o1 skill which uses MP/FP (Animation is only temporarily used for now)
  • Adjusted Psykeeper/Mentalist 1on1 skills:
    • Stone Feet
    • Demonology
    • Satanology
    • Focus Pokus
  • Added missing questitems from Aminus and Cursed Aminus to the bosses

Posted on December 27, 2023 by Kiyo